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Welcome to Over the Rainbow, your reference for healthy family media literacy!

Over the Rainbow is a free online magazine or e-zine dedicated to media literacy for the entire family. We are aware of the powerful influence that the media can have on our attitudes and beliefs about the surrounding world. To help children and adults not perpetuate stereotypes and generalizations about people of different backgrounds, we, the authors of Over the Rainbow, intend to provide useful tips and activities that may help children and their parents become more open-minded media consumers!

Over the Rainbow provides thought provoking articles about the issues with the media and its depiction of people of different cultures, especially minorities. The Smart Key gives parents an easy guidline for directing children to question and analyze the contents of media. Over the Rainbow is also pleased to bring to you story writing exercises, as well as, fun activities that foster media literacy. Finally, we will provide parents and children with links to excellent books, articles, and websites that can aid in turning the family into conscious thinkers!

We hope you enjoy Over the Rainbow. Be sure to sign our guestbook at the bottom of the screen or send an e-mail to let us know what you think!

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