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Your children can write their own stories!

Open Book, Spinning

It is essential that children become competent judges of thier media intake. Therefore, what's a good way to transform your child into a wise anthropologist and a good writer? We are convinced that children can develop good critical thinking and anaylitcal skills and become more media savvy - simply through writing!

We at Over the Rainbow are challenging children to become a part of our Rainbow Writing Fest! All that parents have to do is give the little ones a pencil, pen, or crayon and a piece of paper and tell them to write down their thoughts about how different cultures are shown on television, in magazines, in books, on the internet, or in advertising. Kids must then explain what they think is true and what they believe is false. Lastly, each story should discuss how the media could be improved to address people without stereotyping.

So, good luck to all the kids! We are waiting for your child's submissions. All stories will be published on the internet and the first ten lucky girls and boys to submit thier story will earn a cool certificate.

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